Discover WI. American Dealers and where you are…

We were very happy to be chosen to be filmed for a segment on Discover WI – Oshkosh.  The film crew were so wonderful and easy to work with.  It truly was fun.  The Host, Mariah, was filmed in some of our fun clothes and it was truly fun to watch her and Jodi search for the right outfits.  They started out hesitant and not sure what they were wanting and a few minutes later, they just got into the fun of the clothes … pulling 1 great outfit after another.  You will have to wait until it airs to see just how great she looked in them….but she did.

We also  had the great pleasure of being filmed by a great group of guys from American Dealers.   Honestly I laughed so much that I had a sideache …bun fun people.  Check out  for their website/eposides.  Also check out Phebius Phashion show at AtomicKatz on You Tube…  it is fabulous…You too will be laughing out loud.

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